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The Southeast Compact Commission has selected the Division of Radiation Control (DRC) of the Utah Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) and EnergySolutions as the recipients of the 2015 Richard S. Hodes, M.D. Honor Lecture Award – a program that recognizes an individual, company, or organization that has contributed in an innovative way to improving the technology, policy, or practices of low-level radioactive waste (LLRW) management in the United States.

The recipients are being recognized for the significant role they have played in working to solve low-level radioactive waste management problems in the United States. Both the DRC and EnergySolutions contributed their time, energy, and resources to improve radiation health, safety, and security throughout the nation by developing and implementing the Utah Sealed Source License Variance initiative, which facilitated the collection and cost-effective disposal of certain sealed sources that did not have a commercial disposal pathway. This creative and collaborative effort clearly exemplifies the spirit and commitment that the Hodes Award is intended to recognize.

EnergySolutions is an international nuclear services company that operates the commer-cial LLRW disposal facility in Clive, Utah. Headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, the company provides recycling, processing, and disposal services to the nuclear industry. The DRC is the Utah program responsible for licensing and regulating the Clive facility.

A representative of the agency and/or the company will accept the Hodes Award on behalf of the organizations and present a lecture during the 2015 Waste Management conference in Phoenix, Arizona. The conference is sponsored by WM Symposia and will be held from March 15 – 19, 2015 at the Phoenix Convention Center. A specific time is reserved on Monday, March 16, 2015, for the presentation of the award and the lecture.

The Southeast Compact Commission for Low-Level Radioactive Waste Management established the Richard S. Hodes, M.D. Honor Lecture Award to honor the memory of Dr. Richard S. Hodes, who served as chair of the Southeast Compact Commission from its inception in 1983 until his death in 2002.

The Commission would like to thank those individuals and organizations that participated in the 2015 award program. Their involvement has helped to assure the continued success of the Richard S. Hodes, M.D. Honor Lecture Award.


The Southeast Compact Commission maintains an electronic National Directory of Brokers and Processors at for use by compacts, states, federal agencies, and users of radioactive materials. It provides information about companies that package, transport, process or otherwise manage radioactive material in preparation for ultimate disposal. Access to the site and listing in the directory are free of charge.

Attention Brokers and Processors

To get a free listing in the directory or additional information, go to or contact:

Linda Walters, Director of Special Projects
Southeast Compact Commission
1230 SE Maynard Road, Suite 103
Cary, NC 27511
Phone: 919/380-7780 (Office)


Many organizations in the United States share common interests with the Southeast Compact Commission, such as the safe management of radioactive waste and the protection of public health and the environment. The Commission endeavors to stay abreast of the activities of organizations sharing common goals and interests through the use of volunteer liaisons.

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The Southeast Compact Commission has a new Executive Director. Ted M. Buckner comes to the position with 22 years of experience on the staff of the Commission as its Associate Director. His primary duties have been staffing the Administrative Committee of the Commission, monitoring and analysis of proposed regulations of the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the US Environmental Protection Agency, analysis of legal issues, and day-to-day management of the Commission’s investment portfolio.

Prior to joining the Commission staff, Ted worked as an attorney in the State of Louisiana specializing in environmental and legislative issues at the state and federal level. Before that, he worked for 13 years in corporate taxation with Price Waterhouse & Co. and the Ingram Corporation.

Ted obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting from Auburn University and a law degree from Tulane University, and he is a member of the North Carolina Bar Association. He has been an active participant of the Low-Level Radioactive Waste Forum, Inc. and currently serves as the Treasurer of the organization.

Married for 26 years to Gerri Miller, a scientist and project manager at GlaxoSmithKline, Ted and Gerri have two children, Eliana (15) and Joel (11).

Ted Buckner can be reached at 919-380-7780 or at


Kathryn Haynes has announced her retirement from the staff, effective March 31. Her departure marks the end of a long and very successful career as the Executive Director of the Southeast Compact Commission. Her vision and commitment to the mission of the Commission have enabled us to ensure that waste generators in the southeast have access to the best available waste management options. Her work has assured the Commission’s position as a national leader in tackling very complex environmental issues.

Kathryn joined the staff of the Commission as Deputy Director in 1984 – one year after the creation of the Southeast Compact – and became Executive Director in 1988. Since then, she has been responsible for managing the staff of the Commission, guiding the day-to-day activities of the Commission, and serving as the primary spokesperson for the Commission. In addition she has been instrumental in assuring that the officers (this one in particular) were well briefed on possible contingencies and opportunities that might arise from the various issues we have faced through the years.

Haynes is one of the founders of the Low-Level Radioactive Waste Forum, Inc., a membership organization established to facilitate implementation of the LLRW Policy Act and its 1985 Amendments. She chaired the Forum from 1998 to 2003 and actively participated in the organization from its founding in 1985 until the present.

Kathryn has contributed almost thirty years of service to our organization, and her achievements will not be forgotten. Please join me in wishing her the best in the next steps of her journey through life. I, personally, will miss her extraordinary analytic capabilities and organizational talent.


Michael H. Mobley


Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell recently appointed Les P. Foldesi, CHP, to the Virginia Radiation Advisory Board. Foldesi is the former director of the Virginia Department of Health, Division of Radiological Health Program.

Members of the Radiation Advisory Board meet annually to review and evaluate policies and programs of the Commonwealth of Virginia related to ionizing radiation. The Radiation Advisory Board makes recommendations to the state health commissioner and the Board of Health, the Executive Director of the Department of Waste Management, and the Virginia Waste Management Board. The Board furnishes such technical advice as may be required on matters relating to development, utilization, and regulation of sources of ionizing radiation.

Mr. Foldesi has served as an Alternate Commissioner on the Southeast Compact Commission since 2009.