Commission Minutes

The Commission is required by its By-Laws to meet twice each year. The Southeast Compact Commission’s fiscal year is from July 1 to June 30. Meetings are open to the public.

  6-22-17 Draft Commission Minutes

Committee Minutes

Committee meetings are held as committee business presents itself. These meetings are also open to the public.

Policies and Motions

Compilation of policies and motions passed by the Southeast Compact Commission since 1983.

  Motions and Policies of the Southeast Compact Commission

Strategic Plan

Revised and adopted in June 2017, the Strategic Plan details the Commission’s Mission and Goals.

  June 2017 Strategic Plan

Annual Report

Article 4, Section (E) of the Compact Law requires that an annual report be prepared regarding the activities and actions of the Compact Commission. This report also contains the financial statements.

To request a copy of a previous report, contact us: (secc (at) secompact (dot) org) secc (at) secompact (dot) org

  2015-16 Annual Report


The Interstate Agreement for the Uniform Application of Manifesting Procedures established a uniform understanding among the compact commissions and unaffiliated states in determining the attribution of disposal responsibility for low-level radioactive waste resulting from decontamination and incineration activities. Signatories to this agreement include the following: Appalachian Compact, Northeast Compact, Southwestern Compact, Southeast Compact, and Michigan.

  2/13/98 Interstate Agreement


The purpose of the By-Laws is to “govern and facilitate the operations and policies” of the Southeast Compact Commission. The By-Laws were adopted January 6, 1984 and have been amended as needed.


Compact Law

In 1983, the Southeast Interstate Low-Level Radioactive Waste Management Compact was formed. The compact law was an agreement among eight states to share responsibility for the management of LLRW.

  Compact Law

Policy Act

Congress passed the Low-Level Radioactive Waste Policy Act in 1980. The Act assigned responsibility to each state for managing the waste produced within its borders. It also encouraged states to share that responsibility by forming regional compacts. The Act was amended in 1985.

  Policy Act

Policy on The Management of Low-Level Radioactive Waste

The Policy on the Management of Low-Level Radioactive Waste was adopted by the Commission in October 2015. The Policy states that permanent disposal of LLRW is preferable to either short- or long-term onsite storage and that the management of LLRW is handled most efficiently and economically on a regional basis.

  Policy on the Management of Low-Level Radioactive Waste


The Interregional Access Agreement for Waste Management established a system to allow the compact commissions and unaffiliated states to (1) facilitate the import of waste from other compact regions and unaffiliated states for the purpose of management and (2) ensure that low-level radioactive waste and waste generated by radioactive materials imported for management can be returned to the compact region or unaffiliated state from which the waste or materials were exported. Signatories to this agreement include: Appalachian Compact, Central Compact, Central Midwest Compact, Midwest Compact, Northeast Compact (Atlantic), Northwest Compact, Southeast Compact, Rocky Mountain Compact, and Southwestern Compact. Other signatories are District of Columbia, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, Texas and Vermont.

  10/23/92 IA Agree for Waste Mgnt