On June 5, 2018, NRC staff met with the public in Kingston, Tennessee to discuss the agency’s Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) on the Early Site Permit (ESP) application for the nearby Clinch River site. According to the NRC’s press release, the agency is interested in the public’s views on the agency’s overall draft conclusion that environmental impacts would be small enough to allow the agency to issue the permit. The meetings were held at Noah’s Event Venue, which is located at 1200 Ladd Landing Boulevard in Kingston.


During the meetings, NRC staff described the environmental review process and the DEIS conclusions. Each meeting concluded with a formal public comment period. During NRC open houses, which preceded the meetings, NRC staff provided members of the public the opportunity to talk informally with agency staff.


The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) submitted the Clinch River application in May 2016 and provided follow-up information throughout the year. TVA is seeking resolution of safety and environmental issues related to a potential small modular reactor at the site, approximately five miles southwest of Oak Ridge.

The ESP process determines whether a site is suitable for future construction and operation of a nuclear power plant. The NRC held meetings in Oak Ridge in May 2017 to gather comments from the community regarding issues to include in the environmental review.

For additional information, please contact Scott Burnell of the NRC at (301) 415-8200.